The Midwest Kendo Federation is pleased to announce the following upcoming Kendo Promotion Test opportunity.

Please note: Registration for testing is a separate process than the event. Please visit the Upcoming Events page to complete the requirements to participate in summer camp.

2023 Detroit Taikai Promotion Shinsa

Saturday, February 18, 2023 3:00 PM-6:00 PM
Applicants must check in by 1 pm

Ernest W. Seaholm High School  (This is the same place as Feb 18 Detroit Seminar and Feb 19th Detroit Kendo Tournament)
2436 West Lincoln Street, Birmingham, Michigan 48009

Registration, payment and essay submission deadline:

Saturday January 28th, 2023


It is applicants’ responsibility to be a paid member of All United States Kendo Federation at the time of registration.

All COVID-19 precaution requirements are the same as the ones for recent MWKF events and the Detroit Kendo Seminar and Tournament which can be found here. If you fail to comply, you cannot test.

Per the latest AUSKF shinsa guidelines, the Bokuto-ni-yoru Kendo Keiko-Ho test is postponed and not implemented.

RankPractice PeriodMinimum Age
6 – 2 KyuN/AN/A
1 KyuN/AN/A
1 DanTrained over 3 months after granting of 1 Kyu13
2 DanTrained over 1 year after granting of 1 DanN/A
3 DanTrained over 2 years after granting of 2 DanN/A
4 DanTrained over 3 years after granting of 3 DanN/A

Applicants must agree to all requirements set forth in the Midwest Kendo Federation waivers including in the payment link as well as fulfill all COVID precautions listed here

Test Contents

RankEssayUchikomi Test “Tachiai” KeikoNihon Kendo Kata
2 kyu – 6 kyuN/AEvaluatedN/AN/A
1 KyuEvaluatedEvaluatedEvaluatedTachi 1-3
1 DanEvaluatedN/AEvaluatedTachi 1-5
2 DanEvaluatedN/AEvaluatedTachi 1-7
3 DanEvaluatedN/AEvaluatedTachi 1-7 and Kodachi 1-3

Essay Information

All essays must be submitted by January 28, 2023 to The questions are based on rank attempting, choices are listed below.

1 KyuExplain the benefits of kirikaeshi
1 DanChoose (1) of the following to answer:
– (A) Describe ki-ken-tai-ichi
– (B) Describe 4 types of kendo footwork
2 DanChoose (1) of the following to answer:
– (A) Describe the 4 types of kendo “sickness”
– (B) Describe the 3 “ma-ai”
3 DanChoose (1) of the following to answer:
– (A) Describe the elements of “y uko-datotsu”
– (B) Describe “enzan-no metsuke”
4 DanChoose (1) of the following to answer:
-(A) Describe the benefits of the Kendo kata and its
relevance to shinai keiko
-(B) Describe the elements of “yuko-datotsu”
(don’t use this question if answered for sandan)

Essay Form: Utilize the provided essay form or a blank sheet of paper including the same required information. 


Rank Certificate (Menjo) Payment

Menjo payments can be made online, following the instructions below.
All applicants who successfully pass the exam must pay the associated Menjo Fees within 14 days of the exam date. If payment not received on time, your exam results will be canceled.


Deadline:          March 4, 2023

Links can also be found on MWKF Upcoming Events. Contact with any questions. All fees are not refundable nor transferable.

RankTesting FeeMenjo Fee
Kyu (17 years or under)$30$20
Kyu (18 and above)$40$30
1 Dan$50$50
2 Dan$60$60
3 Dan$70$80
4 Dan$80$100

Additional Information

The AUSKF Kendo Promotion Test Study Guide can be found at Please contact with any additional questions.

Hank Mizusawa, Midwest Kendo Federation, VP of Promotion

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