George Izui Sensei Scholarship

Every year the Midwest Kendo Federation awards one selected kendo student the George Izui Sensei Scholarship, in honor of the much beloved Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan Izui Sensei, who passed away on January 25, 2002 at the age of 78 years in Chicago, Illinois.   

Izui Sensei began his kendo training in Seattle, Washington; his teachers there included Umajiro Imanishi, Kazuo Shoji, Yoriaki Nakagawa, Kiyoshi Yasui and chief instructor Takizaki Sensei. He moved to Chicago after WWII, attended the Art Institute of Chicago, and then worked in dentistry.

Izui Sensei was one of the founders of the Chicago Kendo Dojo in 1964, and later helped to establish the Midwest Kendo Federation and their journal Sempo. (Cited from AUSKF Newsletter Archives). His obituary is available for viewing here.

This scholarship covers the cost (room, camp and meal plans) of the Midwest Kendo Federation annual summer camp each year.

This scholarship application is open to all MWKF students currently in good standing. The application consists of the submission of a one page paper on a selected topic, announced a few months in advance of the camp. One individual will be chosen after review by board members and/or sensei.

Izui-sensei was a highly respected, thoughtful, caring, and humble kendo sensei. He is the epitome of what we feel the Midwest Kendo Federation represents. Please encourage students in your dojo to submit an application when the announcement is made each year.

Thank you, 
Bob Cochran
MWKF President

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